Man vs. Row

by Brent Baxter

About Brent

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I’m Brent Baxter, and I’m a songwriter.  I’ve had my songs recorded by Alan Jackson (the top 5 country hit “Monday Morning Church”), Lady Antebellum, Randy Travis, Joe Nichols, Lonestar, Ray Stevens, Gord Bamford (the #1 Canadian single and 2014 CCMA Single of the Year “When Your Lips Are So Close”), Ruthie Collins, Andy Griggs, Steve Cropper, Buddy Jewell, and others.  I’m also a songwriting coach with a couple hundred hours of one-on-one mentoring and workshop experience.

I teach the craft and business of songwriting.  Man vs. Row is here to help you go further in the music business, and to get there faster.

Here’s a free gift.  It’s a peek into the mind of a pro songwriter.  Does it sound like you?

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A Little More About Me…

I grew up writing short stories in my hometown of Batesville, Arkansas.  However, it wasn’t until my sophomore year at Arkansas State University that I first discovered songwriting.  Back home over Christmas break, Tim Meitzen put a melody to a poem I had written, and I was hooked.

I sharpened my songwriting skills while earning both a bachelor and masters degree in business (MBA).  During that time, I was also active in my local NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) chapter.  Following college, I joined the local songwriting community while working a day job in Little Rock, Arkansas.  In March of 2002, I traded my cubicle for a rented room in Nashville.  When I wasn’t waiting tables or working in the royalty/administration department of Bluewater Music, I was writing songs and meeting with publishers.

My first cut came in early 2004, as “Monday Morning Church” was recorded by Alan Jackson.  Dream come true.  The song went on to become a top five hit, honored as one of NSAI’s ten “Songs I Wish I’d Written.”  In early 2005, I signed my first publishing deal, becoming a staff songwriter for Major Bob Music.  Another dream come true.  That deal yielded cuts by Lady Antebellum, Randy Travis, and Lonestar, among others.

In 2009 and 2010, I wrote for a joint venture of Peer Music and RPM Music.  That deal yielded cuts by Joe Nichols, Ray Stevens, Charles Billingsley, Randy Kohrs and others.

From 2010 through 2012, I was the flagship writer for Infinity Music Group.  This deal yielded cuts by Canadian star Gord Bamford, as well as comedy legend Ray Stevens, blues guitar legend Steve Cropper, Andy Griggs, Buddy Jewell, and new Curb artist, Ruthie Collins, among others.

I currently write for my own publishing company, Cowboy Chords Music.  And I’m blessed to have a beautiful wife, Emily, and two great kids, Ozark “Ozzy” and Ruby Jean.

Man vs Row

10 thoughts on “About Brent

  1. Sir I respect your position and I truly would love some feedback from a persons as yourself. I have been writing a long time and sone have said I am really good. I have emails from Rusty Gaston to Byron Hill about my song HARD ROAD TO HEAVEN, Byron gave it three “huh..hmm” and had offered to shoot it around. Rusty it from Byron and said “The writer is very talented and can pen one somday that could be a hit”. That was just a goodtime song for me. I have many… The great Bob Mcdill said if you dont write a song a day you were’nt working. I start or sometimes even finish some really good material in about 4 hrs.

    I keep a close eye on the changing of the industry and as many of us know it is changing bad for a writer. I just want the acknowledgement. See my uncle played drums for Ace In The Hole Band, when I was 13 I hung out with Georges fsmily in the back curtains. George once told me ‘Uou can do anything you set your mind on. I wanted since that day to write. I jwas born to write.


  2. Chris Armes on said:

    I think the function on the ‘follow’ link may be broken? I entered my email twice last week but have yet to receive any confirmation email. Love your work, and this blog!

  3. Hey Brent! Just came across your blog for the first time again in forever. Your posts are awesome. A million years ago (ok, like 2 years ago) I had an NSAI mentoring session with you, and you really encouraged me. :) Thanks for being awesome and continuing to give away your knowledge with this blog!

  4. Earl Keith on said:

    Hi Brent,
    Love your work and what your doing here for inspiring writers. I’m also from Arkansas (Guy- near Heber Springs) And I’m wondering if you could refer some good Demo services or if maybe you even offer that service? I’m more of a writer than a musician, I’ve been playing guitar for years and have melodies to most of my songs but would like to get a full band Demo of my originals.

  5. Matt Martoccio on said:

    Hey Brent I just finished reading “Hit Songwriting: How a Songwriting Coach Can Fast Track Your Results.” It really made me want to do a session but I have a question that I am pretty sure I may have read on here before but can’t find it. Should you not do a mentoring session if you only have the lyrics and not a demo to play? Also when you are deciding on songs to share with mentor should they be finished or would it be ok to share some partial songs that they think have potential but aren’t sure where to take it or how to finish it? …PS I love your writing style on the blog and ebook! It reads fun and easy and reminds me a style similar to Jon Acuff. :)

  6. Thank you Brent!!!
    Rachel :-)

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